hay day mod apk 2018 nascar results

hay day mod apk 2018 nascar results
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Hey ever wondered if your dog is fast enough to compete with other dogs, lets find out with our highly skilled and competitive dog racing.
Crazy Dog Racing is a lapping game where you will have to tap to make it run faster and at the end of every race you will win points which will help you to unlock new fastest dog to win this amazing dog racing challenge. This is not just a simple dog race game, its simulation of professional dog race, where a bunny is running in-front of the dogs, and dogs have to chase the bunny with full speed and might. The dog that chases it first, wins the race.
This top dog race game have two types of racing modes.

1) Quick Race
It is a quick race against all other dogs, one who chases the rabbit first wins the race

2) tournament race
This is a complete tournament of dog racers, where you participate in knock out style game,the one who stays last, is finished from tournament.
Tournament is just like other pro tournament like Copa america and euro cup, where where your main goal is not to get knocked out.

Now in the update two more modes are added

3) Dog vs Horse race
this is fun race for entertainment purpose, where you compete your dog against horse.

4) Dog Vs Tiger
Funny dog elements are added to race with tiger, lets see who wins against dog.

These two modes are added in latest updated versions of game

5) Bet Racing Mode
Play your favourite racing dog against others and bet what you can, you can play bet racing with any dog, against other dog, and can increase bets if you want. Earn huge in-game money with these bets on dog race.

6) Dog Hurdle race & stunts mode
This new dog racing mode is added with hurdles, you have to jump on hurdles, fences and drums on dog tracks. to win the race play the most stunts with best hurdle crossing race.



* Professional dog racing tracks, these tracks are specially designed for dog race
* Attractive 3D environment, where people watch this on going dog race.
* Interactive GUI, one of the best
* Latest AI, Dogs AI is one of best against which you have to compete.
* Cute and Smart dogs
* all dog breeds are present to chose the one you like most.

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