Night Routine Hacks & DIYS You Should Try 2018

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“Night Routine” DIY’s and Hacks for back to school for a relaxing morning routine! GET THIS VIDEO TO 15,000 LIKES!
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Here is the best night routine for relaxing or a school routine. There’s a great bunch of DIY’s and life hacks that are the best for back to school.This is not a morning routine. I hope you enjoy these hacks and use them love, Wengie
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62 thoughts on “Night Routine Hacks & DIYS You Should Try 2018

    You deserve it Wengie!! I love your content! 't overwork yourself, either!

  2. #9 is wrong. The hole in the pen cap is to let air escape when it's being placed on the pen. Otherwise, the air pressure inside it would prevent the cap from going on all the way or push it off later. The hole is also on aerosol can caps.

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    Fun fact, jeans used to have a rivet in the crotch but cowboys (who often wear underthings) would squat in front of fires and those rivets got hot enough to leave tiny brands on *ahem*.

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  7. i recently started running or should i say TRIED and i had to stop because my knees hurt so bad when i have any type of impact on my legs or feet . do i need to get into working out other parts of my body first? maybe i am just weak idk but i am sad because my knees hurt and i cant keep running maybe i pushed myself too hard for starting

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  9. Awesome vid , subscribed , check this bad boy out and sub back if you can 🙂 !

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  10. I love Zombies Run! I never liked running before and Zombies Run is what motivates me to get up and go. I get excited to run now.

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