Hay Day Hack 2019 – Free Hay Day Diamonds Cheats 2019

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Are you looking for a working Hay Day Hack in 2019? You are in luck because today I will show you one and I will teach you step by step how to use it.

0:00 Intro
0:26 Hay Day Hack Page
2:15 Enter your farm name and select what phone you are playing on
2:49 How to find your farm name
4:04 How many resources to select
4:52 Hay Day Hack adding coins and diamonds to my account
5:18 How to pass anti-bot protection (Human Verification)
9:12 Proof – showing how many diamonds I have on one of my farms

Diamonds are very important to the Hay Day players because using the diamonds you can progress faster and buy beautiful decorations. Aquiring them is a problem, you either have to play Hay Day for hours or should I say days just to get a couple diamonds or pay real money for them. Many people understand that spending real life currency on a video game is not always an option. I could not afford diamonds myself so I went browsing youtube for working hay day cheats till I stumbled on a working one. Today I will show you how to use this online hay day hack to get 5,000 diamonds added to your farm account in under 5 minutes. Sounds good? Watch the video till the end!

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The fastest way to make coins on Hay Day 2019

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Hay Day Hack Tutorial – Hay Day Cheats (Diamonds/Coins) 2019

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Today I will present you how to hack hay day. With our Hay Day Hack you can get unlimited diamonds and coins.

To use our hay day cheats you must have a smartphone and you will have to choose hay day hack ios for appstore users and hay day hack android for google play users. Also you can choose to user hay day hack coins and hay day hack diamonds in order to get diamonds and coins.

With our hack you can get hay day free diamonds and free coins. All you have to do is to watch the video and in just 3 minutes you can use our hay day hack.

I hope you will enjoy it!
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Hay Day Cheats For Iphone Android – Hay Day Hack 2019 2019

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Hay Day Cheats For Iphone Android – Hay Day Hack 2019

Let’s face it, a considerable Hay day cheats playing Hay Day simply need to profit and a great deal of it, quick. (By this, I mean the in-game cash. In spite of the fact that, I might want to make genuine cash quick, as well. Yet, there are preferable approaches to do that over by playing Hay Day.) There are a few different ways that will get you there somewhat speedier than others and planting wheat is one of them. I prescribe planting wheat as frequently as you can and in any niche and corner that you can bear. When you get the wheat yields up and developing you can reap them and auction what you needn’t bother with. This is most likely the least demanding approach to make cash in Hay Day yet it’s similarly as exhausting so frequently individuals need to complete more to profit. Hay day cheats in case you’re put resources into the long lobby of cultivating wheat, you can generally utilize the hay day hack 2019 to purchase more land that will at that point give you more places to develop and collect your wheat.
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Hay Day VALLEY Update is here! Exploring the Valley 2019! 2019

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Hay Day VALLEY Update is here! Exploring the Valley 2019!

The latest update is here! In this video I explore the Valley!

Happy 7th birthday Hay Day! And what better way to celebrate than with one of the biggest updates in our history, introducing a completely new way to play! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your (truck) engines!

Introducing: The Valley!

• Take your personal truck on a ride to discover an entirely new Hay Day area, which will open up in seasons! *Important Note:* We will start with a much shorter trial season to make sure everything is working smoothly.
• Play with your entire neighborhood but also with other players, and see each truck drive around in real time.
• No opt in – Every player can start to play and leave at any time!
• Fulfill various requests by either delivering farm products or picking up orders to drive them elsewhere in the Valley.
• Earn 3 types of new currencies called “tokens,” and spend them on exciting rewards.
• In cooperation with everyone, collect escaped chickens on your Valley map to open up Valley-exclusive rewards!
• Complete separate Valley quests for even more rewards!
• And so much more: check out the tutorial video in the game!

Community Requested Features / Improvements:

• Stay tuned for a very special Hay Day 7th birthday gift delivered by Alfred the postman!
• New and exclusive decorations added to the Derby reward pool!
• Earn very special and exclusive decorations when reaching the following levels: 50, 150, 200, 250 and 300
• Save your farm by connecting to the Supercell ID and earn an exclusive decoration!

Took us quite a while to get this update out, but here it is!!

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