Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary

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hay day trichet central banker new world
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Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary

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“Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy” 『円の支配者』reveals how Japanese society was transformed to suit the agenda and desire of powerful interest groups, and how citizens were kept entirely in the dark about this.

Based on a book by Professor Richard Werner, a visiting researcher at the Bank of Japan during the 90s crash, during which the stock market dropped by 80% and house prices by up to 84%. The film uncovers the real cause of this extraordinary period in recent Japanese history.

Making extensive use of archival footage and TV appearances of Richard Werner from the time, the viewer is guided to a new understanding of what makes the world tick. And discovers that what happened in Japan almost 25 years ago is again repeating itself in Europe. To understand how, why and by whom, watch this film.

“Princes of the Yen” is an unprecedented challenge to today’s dominant ideological belief system, and the control levers that underpin it. Piece by piece, reality is deconstructed to reveal the world as it is, not as those in power would like us to believe that it is.

“Because only power that is hidden is power that endures.”

A film by Michael Oswald

You can follow Richard Werner (Author of the Book) on Twitter at @ProfessorWerner

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“Mastery of filmmaking. An engaging and dynamic narrative supported by visual aesthetics” – Simeon Roberts – Film Critic,

“Essential viewing if you’ve any interest at all in economics or politics” – Steve Morrissey
Film Reviwer & Critic,

“Blows open the widely held consensus that ‘independent’ central banks are a force for economic good.” Josh Ryan-Collins – New Economics Foundation and co-author of “Where Does Money Come From?”

“A fascinating look at the need for better public understanding of just how much money can affect the world we live in.” Ben Dyson – Founder Positive Money & co-author of ‘Modernising Money’

How central banks create money:
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Financial Markets (2011) (ECON 252)

To begin the lecture, Professor Shiller explores the origins of central banking, from the goldsmith bankers in the United Kingdom to the founding of the Bank of England in 1694, which was a private institution that created stability in the U.K. financial system by requiring other banks to have deposits in it. Turning his attention to the U.S., Professor Shiller outlines the evolution of its banking system from the Suffolk System, via the National Banking era, to the founding of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. After presenting approaches to central banking in the European Union and in Japan, he emphasizes the federal funds rate, targeted by the Federal Open Market Committee, as well as the recent change to pay interest on reserve balances at the Federal Reserve, enacted by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act from 2008, as important tools of U.S. monetary policy. After elaborating on reserve requirements, which are liability-based restrictions, and capital requirements, which are asset-based, he provides a simple, illustrative example that delivers an important intuition about the difficulties that banks have faced during the recent crisis from 2007-2008. This leads to Professor Shiller’s concluding remarks about regulatory approaches to the prevention of future banking crises.

00:00 – Chapter 1. The Origins of Central Banking: The Bank of England
06:27 – Chapter 2. The Suffolk System and the National Banking Era in the U.S.
12:08 – Chapter 3. The Founding of the Federal Reserve System
25:46 – Chapter 4. The Move to Make Central Banks Independent
30:49 – Chapter 5. U.S. Monetary Policy: Federal Funds Rate and Reserve Requirements
45:23 – Chapter 6. Capital Requirements, Basel III and Rating Agencies
52:34 – Chapter 7. Capital Requirements and Reserve Requirements in the Context of a Simple Example
01:05:30 – Chapter 8. Capital Requirements to Stabilize the Financial System in Crisis Times

Complete course materials are available at the Yale Online website:

This course was recorded in Spring 2011.
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James Glattfelder studies complexity: how an interconnected system — say, a swarm of birds — is more than the sum of its parts. And complexity theory, it turns out, can reveal a lot about how the economy works. Glattfelder shares a groundbreaking study of how control flows through the global economy, and how concentration of power in the hands of a shockingly small number leaves us all vulnerable. (Filmed at TEDxZurich.)

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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Who Controls the World: James B. Glattfelder at TEDxZurich

It sounds paradoxical, but today it appears that we understand more about the universe than our society. We have created systems that have outgrown our capacity to genuinely understand and control them as evinced by the ongoing financial crisis. Recent advancements in the study of complex systems are able to offer new insights into the workings of many real-world systems.
While our traditional ways of thinking and problem solving have been strongly shaped by the success of the reductionist approach taken in science, the new science of complexity focuses on interconnection and co-dependence. It is a paradigmatic shift away from analyzing the nature of “things” to uncovering and understanding the network of interdependence lying behind and influencing the “things” themselves.
As a prominent example, the first global economic network analysis is discussed, offering a new perspective on some relevant issues. For instance, how unequal and unstable is our economy in truth? And is this actually the result of a few puppet masters orchestrating the developments behind the scenes?

James B. Glattfelder grew up in the Swiss mountains and his interests include the philosophy of science in addition to societal and environmental issues. In 2011 he co-authored the study “The Network of Global Corporate Control” which was widely covered in the international media and sparked controversial discussions. He is co-head of quantitative research at Olsen Ltd in Zurich, an FX investment manager focusing on market-stabilizing algorithms. James holds an M.Sc. in theoretical physics and a Ph.D. in the study of complex systems, both from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and turned 40 this year.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Leader of the Illuminati Exposed 2018 is a sequel of Who is the leader of the Illuminati, a research on the secret society Illuminati. I came face-to-face with people who have close relationship with one of the leaders of the Illuminati. I’ve seen and learned things that nobody talks about, which is all exposed in this video. The Illuminati mission is the most dangerous mission I’ve ever experienced. During this mission while traveling through Europe, I have been chased, threatened, blackmailed, death threats and once fired at. What does a rattlesnake if you get too close? It makes a warning sound, make itself visible and attacks —and that exactly happened to me.

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69 thoughts on “Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary

  1. American and world finance can be broken down to a shell game, why must it stay the same? Revolution might be necessary…

  2. Will we ever be able to stop this madness, corruption, greed and power? So few people even have a clue whats really going on here. This is how they get away with it.

  3. "Richard Andreas Werner (born January 5, 1967) is a German economist who is a professor at the University of Southampton, who is a monetary and development economist. According to Werner, he proposed the term quantitative easing, as well as the expression "QE2" to refer to the need to implement true quantitative easing as an expansion in credit creation.[1] He has also proposed the "Quantity Theory of Credit", which disaggregates credit creation used for GDP transactions on the one hand, and financial transactions on the other hand."

    The man this book is based on is a con artist and supports the same keynesian scumbags controlling the economy today.

  4. Also just wanted to add – any correlations between this documentary and the name Satoshi Nakamoto ? ( i think this could be a direct by product of this whole experiment )

  5. So can someone ( with economic back round ) explain the difference between " A Central Bank Printing Money " and QE ( Quantitative Easing ) i am just a total layman to be sure but it seems to me like they are both exactly the same thing ?

  6. The job of the central bank is to print money to resolve x problem – erm havn't we seen just how dangerous the printing of money by our central banks is exactly the solution ? ( I am thinking US / UK and i believe now its been shown even the ECB ) all have been printing money for longer than i care to recall and at the moment half way through 2018 the forecast is very very clear both UK and US economies are at stage of virtual collapse – its a case of "if" rather "when" our debt levels are at numbers that i am sure know one ever dreamed of US over 20 trillion and rising and i am sure there are other examples out there – it seems and feels to me like our societies our banks our financial markets have a VERY real problem of waking up and facing the truth they would rather print us into oblivion.

  7. South park:
    "Oh no, I'm a Japanese and I had a bad day, I think I gonna kill myself".
    < =".youtube/watch?v=Vr0VP5c6Z6I">.youtube/watch?v=Vr0VP5c6Z6I

  8. The US is, again, playing the same game with the China. 't be fooled. State capitalism works perfectly against so call market economy. Japan, Singapore, S.Korea and China proved it.

  9. And naturally the bank of Japan is owned by Japan the bank of England by England n the federal reserve by America right? n all money printed are guaranteed by the government of each respective country yes? how so very correct there is No problem at all

  10. There was a big conspiracy to bring Japanese banking system ready for sales to foreign financial institution. Politicians and financial ministers who were in the pockets of foreign institution were running policies to implement this plan.

  11. hard to 'guess' who the top core 1300 interconnected core companies and 737 'players' are. I'm sure most are in financial services, (markets, insurance, banking), some in energy, a few in consumer goods, chemical/pharma and corporate agriculture. I'd bet my life the players are primarily Jewish, mostly Zionist, and the rest are scions of old European aristocracy including Hereditary peers, (Astors, Russells, Ashtons etc) plus whatever has remained of Rothschild, Romanoff, Medici and some nouveau riche like the Waltons, Thyssens, Dimons, Gates/Buffets/Ellisons, and Sauds, you could put most of the world's wealth in a room the size of a Broadway theater. Their wealth, their aspirations, greed and secrecy against the needs of 7 billion human beings. 't seem fair, does it?

    Bottom line, it seems as if the world were to identify, investigate, charge and convict 737 of the wealthiest, most powerful 'owners' of the world, nationalize and redistribute their assets, and open their companies up via transparency, divestiture and pubic regulation, we could eradicate poverty and hunger as we know it, solve the problem of zero point energy, give every child on the planet free education through college and cure most of the most dangerous diseases.

  12. I really liked his approach. I'm studying bioinformatics and there is this 'new' method, that instead of individuals, we try to think in complex systems and use networks and graph theory. So I could relate to what he was saying but it was interesting to hear these methods&approach in a completely new way in a distant field from my study.

  13. In five years that control has become further concentrated. What is telling is the direction of the trend. Disruptive technology and advances can exponentially increase production but allow power to concentrate at levels impossible before. How the abundance of wealth is distributed will be determined by a very few people. In the past poverty was defined as an unequal distribution of the means of production. In the future poverty will be defined by the restriction of distribution by the powerful. The danger is systemic collapse and revolution when that control is oppressive. The future then is balanced on a knife's edge of totalitarianism (Russia, China) and Egalitarianism where abundance is shared withheld. Right now the oligarchs are winning but their system is inherently less capable and much more prone to collapse. The danger for all is their collapse literally destroys civilization. The answer, then, is enlightened dominance of the concentration of power – Google, Gates, Buffet – they have to be ruthless competitors for dominance – 'there can be only one!' and yet allow that power to flow through to benefit humanity. Tough to do – but the core evolution for humanity to progress beyond our base evolutionary instincts.

  14. It's a big ideological triumph to make the word "conspiracy" sound as a paranoid fantasy.
    The thing is that there might be a full hard conspiracy by a secret group with unified plans to control the world, but that's the only way conspiracies take place.
    All it takes to have a conspiracy is mutual interest and secrecy. No more. You have to be deluded to think there are no secret agreements between the powerful.
    What's a lobbyist if a conspirator? What's planned obsolescence if a conspiracy?
    Conspiracies can be simple and pedestrian, no need to go reptilian fantasy level.
    Study history, there are quite a few well documented, from the killing of Julius Caesar, to the promotion of dictatorships by the US all over the world.
    Go read declassified CIA documents, you wont find aliens, but you'll find assassination attempts. You wont find the Elders of Zion, but you'll find Operation Condor and School of Americas.

  15. Just here for the comments. Seems like the vid is a waste of time… enough s***posters to be worth 14 min. 11 sec.


  17. Now I wonder myself like how we live in the virtual reality and we type this for the future technology?…

    It only took me a couple of seconds in life….Think about it?There so much more out there and we could only take a second in society and the hope of our nebula, translate it for the future Generation.

    There's so much more going wrong with me…Let see how this kicks back.

    And reality that you saw and thought that I was going enunciation article of my body and complixity(Which in fact was spell like this if you would saw it like a baby)…Learning and talking in your native lenguage.Y saber que tu eres Espanol…Denomination of society?

    Guys I'm only trying to be successful like everyone and else and I hope that if you took minute to like this comment,it means that the biggest project in our life,it's how we develop as human being.This world is too big only for me,but I know there's always in the future great outstanding people….Even in 2099….See the limitation and what I'm trying to achieve in this comment,that you,them,me…We all our own Nebula of Life.And then you 't realize it,but then you express this in the social media and for the more mature(In Adult and Reasonable Person)We see each other with our values,but this right here was limite me to share…Everybody always needs a hug,and here online(in the most minicule way if saying):You're incredible for making it this far without going ever back in you're life.Unfortunately,we have a structure of Time,and Discipline,on what we do for the future we all want…..Take a Breath…You deserve it!!!And then when you're realizing you're dreaming in your future…

  18. Great, man. I imagine that this may sound too abstract for some people, and also, there are people ( most ) who think that this things can change, and the only thing we can do is VOTE. But no, the economic model can and must be changed, shaped e put in practice. Great references (prioritized) on new economic models, social frameworks and viable cybernated decentralized organizations : "The zeitgeist movement", "The venus project" and "Stafford Beer´s Viable System".

  19. If you are to be the people of change, consider this single word: "Non-violence" whatever happens. Be identified with this word.

  20. A scientific proof of how the economic model imposed, is so naturally unbanlanced/extremely unfair/promotes monetary and social segregation is allways welcome.
    But note that controll in our days is much more than pure ownership value, influence can come in many forms.
    Controll of Media, education models, powerfull computer virus for example give you an extreme amount of power without needing to own or controll big shunks of the world economic value.
    My 2 cents.

  21. On this planet, money is power. Few people control the fate of millions of people. It is the purpose of this Control Group to eliminate inequalities, but to increase it. one day this group will stop manipulating governments. It will be the day when they will be dislodged from their positions by a greater power. A power that does use the same weapons and methods. This group will be banished from this planet, because the time will come for this civilization to ascend to be part of the true cosmic community. I do say that they do a useless job, because here there are many bad people living according to the law of karma. However, the true power, the divine, that which comes from the single source of everything and everyone, really directs the destiny of the peoples. The current control group justifies its power by saying that man is dangerous, but when the time comes to gather the flock of sheep, the wolves will no longer be needed.

  22. A) EVERY SINGLE CORPORATION ON THE PLANET DEFINES A 'CONSPIRACY': A group of two or more persons who cooperate amongst themselves in private to assert and promote a specific agenda upon society which benefits them in relation to others outside the group. So PLEASE stop running away like frightened mice from the concept of 'conspiracy' — for, in doing so, you are shying away from truth. AND the 'natural' (but 'accidental', unplanned, non-conspiratorial — according to your personal BELIEF) emergence of this pyramidal power structure, based on the inherent rules of the financial system favoring such a structure over time, ALSO end with most of the money and power concentrated into the hands of a relatively few who are 'networked' (directly consciously connected) into a tiny cabal of uber-powerful Chiefs of the System. B) Historically, the ruling royal families of Europe have FOR AT LEAST 15 CENTURIES totally controlled and manipulated the Western Hemisphere, period. This is UNDENIABLE FACT, People!! Why do you remain in abject DENIAL of this? Do you ACTUALLY believe that they would VOLUNTARILY give up this control and extreme wealth and power over humanity?? Grow up. And try to be so naive out of your subconscious (programmed, conditioned) abject FEAR of admitting, accepting, what your 'gut' tells you is undeniable fact.

  23. It is actually the case that "we know more about the universe than we know about how to live in peace" (to paraphrase). It is the opposite. At least among THOSE WHO RULE(D) THE WORLD. And THAT, my fellow non-elite humans, is precisely the problem. Why?? Because peace, harmony, the equitable distribution of abundance, and happiness in the daily life of the common person — which 'they' KNOW how to create, and which they have FOUGHT against successfully, and gained absolute expertise in quelling via their THOUSANDS OF YEARS of practice via their ancient royal bloodlines — are the OPPOSITE of what they want, the antithesis to what THEY deem as 'a successfully functioning society' — because peace and harmony and universal abundance IS PROFITABLE!! Nor can you 'rule', nor even 'control', masses of humans who live in peace. It is only through FEAR and FINANCIAL SLAVERY that they can continue to rule us, you see? This is why TRUE WISDOM IS VIOLENTLY SUPPRESSED BY THE RULING CLASSES. Logical (for them), no?? 😉

  24. (NEW) Ebook – What Are the Illuminati Signs : Facts and Myths – Get your copy for $1 here: < ="">

  25. The Illuminati has no belief but the sovereignty of the human species.

    The Illuminati is a church,
    religion, political group, or charity organization, but an elite
    collective of global influencers who work to further the interests of
    the human species as a whole. Our decisions are independent of all human
    divisions, including religious and political differences. We operate
    solely for the benefit of the human species we have been entrusted to
    protect, and therefore make no demands of our citizens regarding
    personal worship, morality, or belief.

    The preservation of the human species supersedes all.

    Citizens loyal to the ideals of the
    Illuminati and who seek membership in our organization are often
    referred to as followers of Illuminatiam. They are free to choose any
    life path they desire and follow any morals they wish, providing that
    their beliefs are always in the interests of the human species as a
    whole. Followers of Illuminatiam forgo religious, geographical, and
    generational differences to work as one unit with many distinct parts,
    accepting that each part must be unique to function properly.

  26. very rational it's very good to know a little about the inside of finances. the complications and those interaction you can also find in esotherics, the funny thing is these are related to the core of interactions but are in contrast to rationalisation, sort of recognized thresholds and negative stress conflict

  27. Wow this is one of the best things I have listened to on youtube. You are exceedingly smart. I have favourited this. I am stunned by this work. I am also stunned about Jacob Rothchilds claim about ET assistance and their family tree. Favourited this. Awesome mate. Respect.

  28. Thank you lionsground you are right. I have felt since I was a young child the world is what it seems. God bless and protect you. As well as dealing with very power full influential people you are dealing with very dark entities in the spirit world. Apart from money being their God these top masons are preying on children and many children have disappeared never to be seen.I have – even researching this for many years

  29. All throughout history in all nations secret societies have arisen which have secret oaths and secret signs, and their purpose is to use any means at all to ensure the members have all the money and all the power. Despite there being no connection at all between some of them they often appear extremely similar in nature, even using the same colour schemes. It would seem that the devil is the founder of all these religions, and so it 't require for one person to pass it to another, and you will never stop them so long as there are evil people in the world who would be "illumined" by Satan. Also consider the possibility that a micro-organism called Toxoplasma gondii rules the world, with cats being second in command!

  30. tha spirit is controlling the world by manifesting though human body it depend who is willing to serve others self serve. the creator spirit born to this person body.the material and money created by our mind for the demand of material design. our displine of choice help us to limite our over demand or greed. the rest outragouse behaviour put us in big danger.this is how i come to conclusion.

  31. I find it strange that everybody has bits of story's that point to the same thing but you say they are all wrong and just your story is right,when really your just discussing the financial control side of things instead of the fact that these people do and worship evil things aswell as the financial side of things!

  32. God bless you, may He keep you safe. You are a brave man, we are indebted to you for this info., and the risk involved in relating it to we who believe in reality; the false reality we are fed via media, gov't and other Illuminati led evils. You are a true warrior for TRUTH!

  33. I thinkbthe "e.t.s" they speak of are the supernatural principalities and powers. Supetnatural beings can delumit themselves to a natural form or physical manofrstation, as the ancient Hebrews undetstood. When tbey so, they inyetmartied with humans and created hybrids that were "mighty men of old". Back then they (the daddies) were known as angels, or paased themselves off as hods, and wanted their allegedly superior offspring on the throne of earth.

    To modern technocrats, they present themselves as "extraterrestrials" and encourage thise with their DNA to see themselves as superior on that basis. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    But I think the old vid was right in that there is a particular individual to whom they answer. He is the final Head; but he is like Moses, or Joshua, or Samuel, or Samson, or David, or Judas Maccabeus–all were "messiahs", or deliverers, but they were only precursors to THE Messiah wih a capital M. Similarly, when this Illuminati figure reveals himself publicly as world ruler, the one who does will be THE Anti-Christ, just another of "many anti-Christs" working the hidden power of lawlessness until it no longer needs to he hidden.

  34. Dick Cheney, is the Illuminati head honcho, former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney is Sathan(rhymes with Nathan ), the Adversary, Lucifer, the light bringer, the dragon of Rev13th chptr, the serpent of the Garden of Eden, Joshua ha Messiah saw Sathan fall from heaven as lightening( Luke < =".youtube/watch?v=tM-A8mLT4Fo&t=10m18s">10:18), pinpointing the war in heaven to have occurred during the time the Messiah walked the earth, it is also the time Joshuay preformed the first exorcisms to cast out demonic spirits. We cannot kill Sathan, but he can be locked away in the bottomless pit, which is a prison for supernatural beings, his sentence is 1,000 yrs, the bottomless pit is located in the mountains of N. Korea, access to the area is crucial. Being a supernatural being, Sathan has access to knowledge of the future and gave the plans for World. Domination to a Grand Wizard named Albert Pike, who revived the defunct Illuminati and hid themselves in the secret society of the Masons as the upper 1/3 of the pyramid, these are the people who give out the Nobel Peace Prize, they know every experiment and scientist because they finance them, they know every peace maker because they cause the strife and finance every war and revolution, they profit from war and the ills of the world(Rev. 6:3-8), ungodly Copenhagen Denmark is the Tower of Ultimate Evil and the Headquarters of the Illuminati mass murdering Viking savages in business suits. Albert Pike has a victory statute in Washington, D.C. USA on 3rd and D St NW, his body is kept in a masonic lodge and his grave is empty. Pike was given plans for a three World War Agenda for world domination which Pike related to his Masonic ally Mazzini in a letter which was on display in the British Museum and copied by a Canadian Federal Agent from the display case named William Carr, who wrote a book about it to give the world a chance to fight the danger represented by the New World Order Agenda, which history has witnessed happening from 1881 to this present day. Third Wave of the agenda for world domination is the Muslim Invasion to destroy the Church of the living God, and the Erection of the Church of Sathan, which we have witnessed happening in Detroit, Michigan, New York, New York, and London, England. There is a connection between ungodly Copenhagen, Denmark and ungodly Teheran, Iran. Our greatest hope of defeating the Illuminati and foiling their New World Order Agenda is by reviving the ancient Bible religion of the Israelite Children, the Chosen People of God, according to the Qur'an Islam has a covenant with the Israelites since before they fell from the grace of God and reviving the old religion will establish a better relationship with the Muslim community and the third war can be abetted with the true worship of the living God of Israel. Jews and Catholics do worship God they are false religions. The Muslim is admonished to follow either Judaism nor Christianity, but the son of Mary, who was an Israelite.
    I have been working on getting the Israelite descendants to their meeting place on the Sinai Peninsula since 2003, when I had the site setup at the beginning of the Iraqi War by the United Nations, the Illuminati has been preventing my progress using all manner of occult weapons, I could use some HELP! I have gone as far as I can alone. I wish somebody could hear me!

  35. Great video you are so right. The economics of the world record so boring so no one will look into them. I used to fall asleep in economics class. Yes you are certainly correct in my eyes 👀. Thank you for your time ⌚.

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