Sand and Buff, How Long Do I Wait After Clear – Can I Wax New Paint?

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Sanding, Buffing, Polishing and waxing..How long to wait before I can do this to a fresh paint job? In this Q&A video I am asked about how long to wait. There are actually two answers to this question. One for the sanding and buffing and one for the waxing.

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44 thoughts on “Sand and Buff, How Long Do I Wait After Clear – Can I Wax New Paint?

  1. Got my clear coat today and ended up with some spot on my hood that are shiner than other . Any advice on how to fix that and have all my hood one look ? Thanx

  2. My shop told me to wait at least 90 days before cutting and buffing my new paint job. Is that too long? I’m going to pay a shop to do the work but I get conflicting opinions

  3. Question….. Was spraying hot rod black and have sprayed 2 med wet coats and was on light last coat. Water dropped out of the gun hose somehow. I have 2 in line filters ugh….. So how long till I can wet sand and recoat the last coat?

  4. after you spray on new clear coat you only have to wait 2 or 3 hours to sand it and you can spray on another layer of claer coat, you do need to wait overnight, that's overkill

  5. How long can I wait after wet sanding truck to paint I am doing it myself and can't do it all in a day or two. Truck is inside out of weather.

  6. Excellent video. He gives the proper proportions to mix TSP for use in different applications. I would make one suggestion to reinforce what the presenter has said. Be sure to protect you skin and eyes by using rubber gloves and protective goggles. In addition, carefully pack away all medicines and food stuffs before you begin and wear old clothes and shoes because the TSP is STRONG STUFF !!

  7. Just watched a video where tsp is suggested to be used as a mouth rinse…. Uh, NO, thank you…

  8. This is in Lucky Charms cereal. I'm trying to teach my 11 year old son to read ingredient list on boxes. This is horrible, he's eating this stuff.

  9. Ok I do have a question if you can answer it for me. I want to make a TSP spray but I have the powder form. What would the TSP to water combo be. I'm cleaning my whole house with this stuff that my father has smoked in for 12+ years. So far it's worked but I know I'll have to go over a second time. I think it would be much more easy to just use it as a spray rather than a bucket and also to help stretch it much longer. Just for 2 walls in the living room I had to use 2 gal to half a cup TSP and kept emptying the bucket due to very very dirty water. 

  10. How many of your morning cereals contain this product? When will the FDA stop approving this as being used in our foods?

     < =".goodguide/ingredients/117497-trisodium-phosphate-ingredient-information-reviews">.goodguide/ingredients/117497-trisodium-phosphate-ingredient-information-reviews

  11. Oh hai! Have you tried – Yadot Smiling Teeth Revelation (just google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my GF has received cool smiles with it. 

  12. This is kinda old, but now a days there is matt finish waxes on the market, swissvax has their own Matt finish wax… its for matt paint, vinyl and so on… 🙂

  13. Leave it to BMW to change the name of a matte finish, THOROUGHLY F IT UP & make it INSANELY EXPENSIVE, and UNREPAIRABLE.

  14. Such a waste of resources! Why create such a thing? You cannot aoid swirls and scratches or contamination. So what do you do when your paint does get imperfections? Just paint it over again? lol

  15. What exactly was the upside to inviting a detailer to discuss there "frozen" paint?….bmw just litterly told the world that if a customer buys a car with "frozen" paint will have to have a respray if they get the slightest imperfection in it!!!…way to go bmw!!….damn!!

  16. Do you guys actually watch the video ???? You CAN wash it you CAN wax it you CAN seal just cant buff it …that's all lol ..calm down guys wow

  17. Y'all saying it can't be fixed or refinished …it's called spray out cards and matte clear …you do spray outs till you get the correct sheen then do your color like normal then clear like normal …done

  18. the dealers who wash & clean my car for free keep on scratching the paint and stealing my items in the car

  19. Never getting this. paint that you can never wash or wax? really? suppose an a-hole keys your car. Now what? Spend five figures repainting the car? Seriously?

    Amazing. The same idiots who wear sunglasses indoors with perfect vision can't stand having shiny paint.

    Charging customers an extra $10g for either a substandard "clearcoat" or none at all. Genius scam.

  20. the fact that there is no way to protect the paint makes it a huge downside….. a fan of it really either.

  21. Got a silver frozen 2012, 40,000 kms in northern Alberta. Rock chips are unavoidable up here but paint is doing fine. BMW has a wax to use on it but it's cheap.

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