This Server Could Save Minecraft From Dying

hay day hack 2018 minecraft realms servers

hay day hack 2018 minecraft realms servers
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Today we take a look at one of the servers which seem to be doing everything right while Minecaft PC is on the decline…

HiveMC has been around for years, it’s where I began my channel. The development on this server is insane especially compared to a lot of servers at the same size as them. As you guys know, I started out on Survival Games when Hive catered towards a pvp community and over time broke away and began developing and providing gamemodes for a different audience, can’t blame them for it, but I would like to see a real competitive and fun experience on the Hive again.

Texture Pack:
Dark Sea 256x
by iSparkton

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family friendly video

WE FINISHED OUR BASE IN ONE DAY + TNT ENABLED! | Minecraft FACTIONS Series #2 (Vaelox Factions)

Minecraft FACTIONS Series – Episode 2 – Minecraft Factions is a gamemode where you must learn how to team up with friends and create your very own group or ” Faction ” and as a team, you attempt to raid and take down other faction groups and their base on your quest to becoming the strongest and richest players on the server. Join Bawble and his team in these videos on VaeloxMC Factions as we learn how to raid, kill, and be successful in this war – like gamemode!

If you are new to the show, we are on season 2 of Factions. The start of this season was episode 1 or in the FACTIONS playlist episode 12. Support Bawble by subscribing and make sure to stay tuned for daily episodes!

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49 thoughts on “This Server Could Save Minecraft From Dying

  1. I got for ''kill aura'' because I got some combos while using blc and they just denied my appeal.

    HiveMC's moderation staff is the worst I've seen so far.

  2. RainDrop DropTop Watching My Inspiration On My LapTop!

    But in all seriousness Raven your the best,And you are my inspiration .
    Keep up the good work <3

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