Top 15 PUBG Like Battle Royale Games For Android in 2018 (FREE)

hay day mod apk android 13 medals

hay day mod apk android 13 medals
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Top 15 PUBG Like Battle Royale Games For Android in 2018 (FREE)

As PUGB Game is gonna be launched this year of 2018 as you see in trailer, I wanted to make PUBG Style Battle Royale Game Video. So this is Top 15 Battle Royale PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Ground) style game in 2018 that you can play on your android smartphone.

And best about this list is that all games are free to play. So enjoy guys 🙂

Good News Guys PUBG Has been released

Link to download :-

Games List :-

1) Rules of Survival Awesome
Android :-

2) UltraHunt
Android :-

3) Fortnite Quantum Attack
Android :-–battle-royale-netease/

4) Knives Out
Android :-

5) Battle Royale: survival of the fittest
Android :-

6) Bullet Strike Battlegrounds
Android :-

7) Last Battleground Survival Battle Royale
Android :-

8) Survivor Royale
Android :-

9) Exile
Android :-

10) Law of the Jungle Jedi Battle Royale
Android :-

11) Glorious Mission
Android :-

12) Last Survive Chicken Dinner
Android :-

13) Medal Of King
Android :-

14) Millet Shooter
Android :-

15) The Last One
Android :-


16) Battle Game Battle Royale
Android :-

17) Free Fire Battleground
Android :-
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**EDIT** The method was patched, you can STILL kill yourself and keep farming but you CANNOT exit to the hub anymore, you need to FINISH THE MISSION!

Hey guys! Is this guy HACKING FAME?? We look at Shelte’s profile and see how this guy managed to get 7 million fame in only 13 days of play time.Is he using a mod APK or an emulator? Is it a cheat, a hack or is it legit fame farming? Tell me what you think!

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53 thoughts on “Top 15 PUBG Like Battle Royale Games For Android in 2018 (FREE)


  2. (Battle royal games)
    1)PUBG (osom) no competition
    2)ROS (very good)
    3){crossfire legend,knives out,free fire,survival royals,the last survivor} tympass
    4)And so on fuckinn copies..😂😂
    Hopeless land = laggy game😐
    By the way cartoon edition for battle royale iz 1)fortnite(pc,ps4)
    2)creative destruction (mobile)…..


  3. Shelte definitely isn't legit. His alcohol consumption is 0.0l. Can't trust a man who 't drink himself into a coma every weekend whether its at S.A.R.A's bar or down your local wetherspoons.

  4. Yo Johnie! This is a good video man! I agree with you, all the nerfs and changes in the game have all been made just for the PvP players. I really believe that they should also think about the rest of the player base that loves to do PvE and be selfish about what they want. I like both, but I predominantly play PvE. I only jump on PvP when I have to unlock perks.

  5. It would be pretty stupid to nerf ribbons if they , especially considering they designed that portion of the code to allow ribbons to be stacked so high, and gave you the ability to re-earn ribbons you already have for more fame. Like, why are people complaining about the game being played the way it was literally coded to????

    It's like getting mad because emergency service personel use cherry pickers at times to save people and animals stranded in high places. "Well those are just for retrieving fruit from trees since they're clearly called cherry pickers, why are all these fools SAVING PEOPLE with them and using them to raise and lower themselves?!"

    You're complaining about something being used for the purpose it was clearly designed. That's why it exists. Stop whining so much because you 't get more points for shooting each other in the face when you could be exploring all of the other aspects of a game that 't all revolve around pvp.

    Get over yourself.

  6. This game should have in a main menu before entering the hub. It should have PVP option and PVE/Campaign option, so we could have a sure way to play PVP with no waiting and so, have the skills balanced for each mode.

  7. why they make the skills be different in pvp and pve
    for example : the gun slinger in pvp will be 50% damage and in pve will be 100% damage
    that will make the game cool
    and pvp players will be happy
    and pve players will be happy

  8. 3 diferent leaderboard. 1global, 2 pvp, last one pve and that will fix everything. On gload could show all your fame you farm on pvp +pve. About the nerfing MFG should done only for pvp players but for pve. Same with stunner different cooling down time for those each mode. People always will cry no matter what.

  9. Yeah man you are telling the truth..!!!
    Game is only for pvp players it is for everyone… Mfg are just listening to pvp players and they are considering pve players.. pvp players skill tree should be different and pve skill tree should be different so that everyone wins no nerfing skills or ribbons..! If they are in contact with you raise this point of different skill tree for pvp and pve..!

  10. Oh dam he's number one now… I 't like doing pvp because to too random and the rewards are usually worth it

    I haven't really used anything but the AR so pistol seems a fun way to go

    Seasonal fame could be fun if they have milestones and such but it would be redundant even more than it is now

  11. What I think about this situation is that- hey, this isn't cool to just do a solo mission again and again and win thousands of fame within a few minutes… He is grinding hard and I respect that but it's the best, neither and alright way to do it.. people have been grinding for months playing everyday waiting in the queues facing the wraith of the most unbalanced weapons, getting raged, chilling, improving themselves and what .. and this guy just got the most fame only through repeating a solo mission again and again in the easiest and cheapest way without even having any professionality… Who knew this small mission could get you over 5 million fame within 1 or 2 months placing you on top of the leaderboard.. Leaderboards (in a game) are meant for the most skilled and professional players of the game, who improve themselves by playing professionally and fair for long term.. And look at this guy, absolutely no tryhard at all. Grinding is easy if you have free time, and who won't grind on a source where you can get thousands of fame in minutes… Absolutely cool at all. PvE is just as easy as cheese, ppl doing speedruns in dungeons within 10 minutes… Many professional can clear out the hardest silver arena without even a single death, but while the play PvP, they do die a lot… Which proves that the way this guy got into leaderboards is just "unskilled" and "unprofessional"..
    And about balancing stuff ingame, ofcourse the devs 't thoroughly think about everyone while nerfing and weapons or skills or anything… Nerfing the weapons like shotguns, stunner, gunslinger was a very good step for balancing out the game, but they shouldve done that just for PvP and for the PvE…
    I farm PvE a lot these days coz it's easy and chilled, while I regret some of the PvP bcoz of the unbalanced weapons which still are a bit problem.

  12. jab ye song aaya tha tab Mai bahut chota tha.but Mai ye song bahut sunta tha mujhe bahut acha lagta tha. aaj ye song sun k mujhe bachpan yaad aa geya ..the great song..all time best

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