Top hacker shows us how it’s done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

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You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and “secure” credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable.

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DUBLINERS by James Joyce – FULL Audio Book | Greatest Audio Books – Dubliners is a collection of 15 short stories by James Joyce, first published in 1914. They form a naturalistic depiction of Irish middle class life in and around Dublin in the early years of the 20th century. The stories were written when Irish nationalism was at its peak and a search for a national identity and purpose was raging; at a crossroads of history and culture, Ireland was jolted by various converging ideas and influences. They centre on Joyce’s idea of an epiphany: a moment where a character experiences self-understanding or illumination. Many of the characters in Dubliners later appear in minor roles in Joyce’s novel Ulysses. The initial stories in the collection are narrated by child protagonists, and as the stories continue, they deal with the lives and concerns of progressively older people. This is in line with Joyce’s tripartite division of the collection into childhood, adolescence, and maturity. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Chapter listing and START TIME:

01. The Sisters 0:19
02. An Encounter 18:29
03. Araby 36:29
04. Eveline 50:02
05. After the Race 1:00:32
06. Two Gallants 1:14:37
07. The Boarding House 1:37:42
08. A Little Cloud 1:53:53
09. Counterparts 2:23:28
10. Clay 2:46:23
11. A Painful Case 3:01:20
12. Ivy Day in the Committee Room 3:23:20
13. A Mother 3:55:04
14. Grace 4:21:02
15. The Dead 5:07:57

Chapter length:

01 – The Sisters — 00:18:22

02 – An Encounter — 00:17:59

03 – Araby — 00:13:33

04 – Eveline — 00:10:30

05 – After The Race — 00:14:04

06 – Two Gallants — 00:23:03

07 – The Boarding House — 00:16:12

08 – A Little Cloud — 00:29:35

09 – Counterparts — 00:22:54

10 – Clay — 00:14:56

11 – A Painful Case — 00:22:00

12 – Ivy Day In The Committee Room — 00:31:43

13 – A Mother — 00:25:57

14 – Grace — 00:46:54

15 – The Dead, Part one — 00:58:21

16 – The Dead, Part two — 00:33:36

Total running time: 6:39:39
Read by Tadhg
In addition to the reader, this audio book was produced by:
Dedicated Proof-Listener: Betty M.
Meta-Coordinator/Cataloging: Laurie Anne Walden
This video: Copyright 2013. Greatest Audio Books. All Rights Reserved.
Video Rating: / 5

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37 thoughts on “Top hacker shows us how it’s done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

  1. That reminded me of the money spent for a pen used on space and I think the pencil used by other country

  2. only is my Toaster a PC. But apparently the camera recording this video was a Toaster…

    If toasters become pc's, and cameras become toasters. What does a coffee machine turn into?

  3. I ’t like it at all. It’s like a clinical reading. Too quick, no emotion at all. Sorry if this is too harsh. Thanks for the job, it is exactly moving to me but definitely of help.

  4. < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=5h46m42s">5:46:42— The Dead— "Beannacht libh" — which means "Blessings to you"/"Goodbye" in Irish

  5. I love the fact there is an audiobook for this book and the fact I can listen to this and be lost in the different characters, but I just hate the book and just this semester in general.

  6. I have dyslexia which makes it hard for me to follow small words on a page and i have to read this book for school, i enjoyed this thankyou 🙂

  7. Available now! Dubliners (Wisehouse Classics Edition) by James Joyce: < ="a/iJ7qfZo">a/iJ7qfZo Find it on < =".youtube/results?search_query=%23Amazon">#Amazon as a < =".youtube/results?search_query=%23free">#free < =".youtube/results?search_query=%23kindle">#kindle < =".youtube/results?search_query=%23ebook">#ebook and as an < =".youtube/results?search_query=%23imprint">#imprint.

  8. Very nice!!
    Anyone knowing other audiobooks with Irish slang?? 't matter which topic, just for listening to get to sleep better and I'd like to hear 'my language' these shitty englisch accent stuff… Would be delighted to get some recommendations! Thanks a lot xxx

  9. 1. The Sisters < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=0m19s">0:19
    2. An Encounter < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=18m29s">18:29
    3. Araby < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=36m29s">36:29
    4. Eveline < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=50m02s">50:02
    5. After the Race < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=1h00m32s">1:00:32
    6. Two Gallants < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=1h14m37s">1:14:37
    7. The Boarding House < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=1h37m42s">1:37:42
    8. A Little Cloud < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=1h53m53s">1:53:53
    9. Counterparts < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=2h23m28s">2:23:28
    10. Clay < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=2h46m23s">2:46:23
    11. A Painful Case < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=3h01m20s">3:01:20
    12. Ivy Day in the Committee Room < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=3h23m20s">3:23:20
    13. A Mother < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=3h55m04s">3:55:04
    14. Grace < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=4h21m02s">4:21:02
    15. The Dead < =".youtube/watch?v=YAXNLrAi2Sc&t=5h07m57s">5:07:57

    reposting because adding ()s stops them from appearing as clickable links for some reason

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