Why do we feel nostalgia? – Clay Routledge 2018

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Nostalgia was once considered an illness confined to specific groups of people. Today, people all over the world report experiencing and enjoying nostalgia. But how does nostalgia work? And is it healthy? Clay Routledge details the way our understanding of nostalgia has changed since the term was first coined in the late 17th century.

Lesson by Clay Routledge, animation by Anton Bogaty.
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23 thoughts on “Why do we feel nostalgia? – Clay Routledge 2018

  1. Because growing up sucks when we are in childhood we have no worries about bills no stress every day is adventure we have all the time parents are young we feel life is just awesome but older we get we realize our time is limited on earth one day we will die life is full of worries stress paying bills just getting by

  2. I 't know if anyone does this, but I have Google Earth installed iin my PC. I go to the location where my old school is, and turn on tthe time-span mode, and set the date to when I was there. I look at the image, and wonder what was I doing during that date and time when the image was taken 🙂 It brings back a rush of nostalgia for my old school.

  3. Thank you for all your posts…. you have taught me so much…. I’m sorry if things have ruined it for you to still post 😞you are my favorite and I make sure to watch all ads when I rewatch your videos … please ’t disappear

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