Wood V Bar X Red Angus Bulls 2018

hay day trichechus manatus manatus development

hay day trichechus manatus manatus development
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Bull Development
Bull selection begins at birth. Any bull calf born from abnormal presentation or an unreasonable amount of effort needed by his mother is marked to cut in the calf book. High birth weights and calves that lack good calf vigor are also marked to cut. Poor doing calves at branding time, 6 to 10 weeks of age are cut. If they make it to weaning still intact they must be above average weaning weight and show excellent muscle and structure characteristics or they get cut. Bulls that perform poorly through the 120-day feed test, exhibit undesirable behavior or develop structural problems are cut or sold as locker beef. All bulls must pass a complete breeding soundness exam and be positive potential breeders before being offered for sale as bulls.

The bulls are developed on a high roughage ration, slowly, to minimize any potential feet and leg problems often associated with a “hot” feed ration. The objective is to allow the bulls to naturally exhibit superior growth and performance potential with a moderate intake of concentrates.You may see the full catalog here: issuu.com/dfmanenterprises/docs/2014-wood-bar-x-bull-sale-catalog?e=0/7120042
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